How To Lose Weight Faster At Work

Lunchtime is my favorite time of day.

I usually head down to the break room with my lunch bag to catch up with some friends.

I rarely ever eat in front of my computer.

Even when I have no one to have lunch with, I still head down to the break room with my Kindle. And good I do too.

Want to know how to eat healthy at work?

Don’t eat at your desk!

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition you gain 9 pounds if you eat lunch in front of your computer every day for an entire year.

When work is the main course and your lunch is an afterthought, it is easy to consume extra calories without even realizing it when you are working while you are eating lunch.

On average, you will eat an extra 122 calories per day from eating at your desk.

Even when you bring a healthy lunch at work, you still have a problem with food amnesia and snack more than usual later on.

When you add in the extra 2 pounds your average office worker gains each year when they do not participate in any form of exercise, you are talking about gaining 11 pounds a year!

If you are eating at your desk to catch up on work every day, I doubt that you have the time or energy to exercise outside of work to prevent this 2 pound weight gain.

So if you want to prevent weight gain by eating healthy at work, the best thing you can do is actually take the time to enjoy your healthy lunch away from your desk.

And if you want to prevent weight gain at work, eat away from your desk and then spend half your lunch break taking a scroll around the block with one of your lunch buddies.

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